Our Smoking Process

Do you want mouth-watering food that sets your soul on fire?

Our master smokers at Fry’s American BBQ are proud to transform meat from ordinary to extraordinary.

We’re obsessed with smoking meat to create rich, sumptuous flavours, glazed to perfection for you to savour! From smoked brisket and pulled pork to sticky ribs and hot dogs – it’s a labour of love for us.

Sourcing the best quality meat, our team use authentic American smoking and BBQ techniques to deliver insanely delicious products. Our mix of experience and love of the craft ensures flavours so bold and downright tasty you’ll be back time and time again.

Smoking + Time + Craft = Superb BBQ

Smoking puts meat centre stage – the ONLY way to cook in our view.

Imagine biting into the softest piece of meat you’ve ever tasted, so tender it’s like butter, dark, chewy, blackened outside with blush flesh on the inside.

To create experiences this good with melt-in-the-mouth meat and smoky aromas the right kindling is essential. We use the magic of hickory to produce a sweet yet strong flavour complementing all meat.

Marinating our meat is a serious business! Here at Fry’s American BBQ we make a special, luxurious dry rub, that adds layers and layers of flavour. An incredible combo of salt, sugar, pepper, garlic, onion and our unique spice and herb seasoning.

Smoked low and slow for around 6 hours at 225-250 degrees the meat is basted every half an hour to keep it succulent and juicy. Our dedicated smokers melt, tenderise and render for that taste of Texas.

Job done, the meat rests in foil to retain moisture and seal in the juices. Awesome!

Sauces & Sides

We’re fanatical about barbecuing and sauce matters!

Smothered on freshly smoked meat, Fry’s Signature Sauces are made on-site using our closely guarded recipe (so secret even 007 can’t use his license to kill to find it).

You’ve twisted our arm so we’ll give you a taster!

They’re built on a classic base of sweet tomato, packed full of flavours from brown sugar, garlic, tangy vinegar and lip-smacking spices. Try them on ribs, try them on poultry, hell, try them on whatever! These sauces make your food sing.

We serve all our mains with a choice of 1 FREE sauce:

Fry’s Maple BBQ – all sweet, no spice
Fry’s Cayenne BBQ – medium heat
Fry’s Cider & Paprika BBQ – spicy kick

Once you’ve got the sauce under your belt, it doesn’t stop there. Choose from your favourite combo of sides – homemade seasoned fries, creamy mac ‘n’ cheese, crunchy slaw or giant onion rings.

Tickled your taste buds?

Rekindle the flames of food love with perfectly smoked meats and delicious sides.

Want more? Hop on over to our menu online, get social on Instagram or come in store to sample the delights TODAY!

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